electricity bill New Rate Now :electricity bill will change every month, a big update

electricity Bill New Rate Now : Like petrol diesel, the price of electricity bill will change every month, a big update

 There are constant changes in the price of electricity bill per unit in the state and new rules are being seen, in such a situation, a large number of states have made full preparations by the government to change the electricity rates and impose new rules in the electricity department, mostly.  Right now many citizens will have less information about what is actually going to happen in many states related to electricity bill.  .

 New electricity Bill Start Soon

 Now, as the prices of petrol and diesel keep changing from time to time in the rates of electricity, in the same way, there will be a change in the price of electricity every month, due to which the cost of electricity can be controlled properly in the state and even if electricity is stolen.  Can be saved  The Union Ministry of Power had made regulations for the first time in 2005 under Section 176 of the Electricity Act 2003, now it is in the process of being amended.  For this, the draft Electricity Amendment 2022 has been issued.  Know below what changes will happen in the state from electricity bill.

 Electricity rates will change every month

 It is being told that by sending the draft to all the state governments and other concerned units on 12th August, suggestions have been sought by 11th September.  For timely recovery of electricity purchase amount by the electricity distribution company, electricity rates will be fixed every month on the basis of fuel prices and it will be recovered from the consumers, soon new prices per unit of electricity will be released in a new way and new  Some changes will also be seen for the type of bill and usage.

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